Gibson and BooBoo

Guinness World Records Day 2007 brought together an unlikely pair to meet; Gibson, 2004 World’s Tallest Dog and BooBoo, current record holder for World’s Smallest dog.

Gibson stands about 42″ tall at the should while tiny little BooBoo tops out at only 4″

The two celebrity hounds, who were both bred in America, met up to celebrate Guinness World Records Day 2007.

Boo Boo’s owner Lana Elswick has bred Chihuahuas in Kentucky for 19 years and said she always knew her one-year-old pooch was special.

The tiny mutt was only about the size of a thumb when she was born; so small, in fact, that she had to be fed with an eye dropper every two hours before she could eventually nurse a bottle. Now she is a diminuitive diva.

“She has the attitude of a big dog she would let me know if anyone was around and she would try to guard me if she could,” said Ms Elswick.

BooBoo, smaller than Gibson's head

Owner Sandy Hall lives with her dog Gibson in Sacramento, California. The Great Dane is also the world’s tallest therapy dog and regularly visits children’s hospitals.

“He just puts a smile on people’s faces,” Ms Hall said.

“In one split second, people forget their cares and worries.” (Daily Mail)

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