ann_lam_air2Ann Wylene Lam, the 64 year old Savannah woman who had been charged with theft and criminal trespass back in October for using bolt cutters to cut a chain tethering a sick and neglected dog on her neighbor’s property just got the best Holiday present from the Chatham County Courts.  The charges were dropped.

Instead, she was only cited for disorderly conduct which is a city ordinance violation.  Fines and court fees were suspended.  In addition, Lam’s attorney, Doug Andrews, donated Lam’s legal fees to the local animal shelter.

Excellent news!  Here is one court of law that decided not to punish an individual who decided to rescue a sick animal from a neglectful owner.   I’m not advocating criminal actions or theft, but if Animal Control Officers, the ASPCA, or other animal protection organizations that have the power to do something – and they do NOT – it falls on the caring and outraged citizens to take action.   Many do and many are punished.  Yes theft is a crime, but it is more of a crime to see an animal suffer from starvation, neglect, and abuse.  Ann Lam knew taking the dog was a crime, but it was the right thing to do.  And the courts pretty much agreed with that.

Except John Crosby, the dog’s owner.  According to him, he is the real victim.  What he said in an interview he gave on john_crosbycamera:

“I’m the victim. I mean come on, I called the cops – I mean I was the one that was stole from. I mean I’m sorry that she’s an elder lady, it doesn’t – I mean when I get 64, can I go take things?”

He says he was forced to keep the dog outside when he moved to Savannah because his landlord wouldn’t allow it inside, and claims he was unaware of the local law against tethering.   He also said he could not afford to take the dog to a vet.

His dog was diagnosed with mange, a bacterial infection, two types of worms, as well as sores on its leg and hindquarter.   The dog was deemed too sick to be adopted and euthanized by animal control.

Excuse me?  And he is the real victim?  The real victim here was his dog, not his smiling and arrogant self.

John Crosby was charged with neglect, lack of shots/tags and tethering.  He was ordered to pay fines for those offenses.  So much for our *victim*.

Congratulations Ann!  You are our kind of lady!   And you must have one hell of a set of bolt cutters judging from the size of the chain that was used on that poor dog.


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