UPDATE – This ad which featured a dog being shocked to death had been pulled from YouTube. Chrysler issued the following statement:

“Chrysler Group was dismayed to discover today that an advertisement created by an ad agency supporting our Netherlands Market Performance Center goes far beyond the bounds of what the company considers appropriate,” said Jason Vines, a spokesman for Chrysler, in a statement. “The advertisement for the new Dodge Nitro, recently introduced into the market, which includes fictional yet inappropriate treatment of an animal, is in extremely bad taste.” (freep.com)

But you can still view the video HERE


Original post 

Talk about poor taste!! This has been circulating and there are some saying this is a real ad and others saying that it’s not but one way or another, it is extremely poor taste!

Alot of people seem to be finding some amusement in this but just the idea is repulsive! Isn’t there enough dog and animal abuse going on out there without something like this?? If this is a real ad sponsored by Dodge, someone needs to have a talk with their ad people because this is so NOT amusing!

From one auto blogsite, ” We think we know where Dodge is going with this little commercial viral video we’re assuming was made for the Euro market showing the Dodge Nitro electrocuting a dog that gets too close to those chrome rims. We think they’re trying to separate themselves as the Chrysler Group’s “boy brand.” But our only issue is — should a brand all about the message of “Grab Life,” be taking it away? “

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