More Justice Round-up here or maybe we should start calling them INjustice Round-ups  Unfortunately, these are very pitiful sentences.

john_heineJohn L. Heine

The obstetrician who delivered countless babies to joyous parents only to retire and toss newborn puppies in a dumpster after trying to drown them.  Click here for the background story.

Pleaded no contest to the charge as part of a deal with prosecutors, who dropped two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

Given a six-month deferred sentence. District Judge Stewart Stadler suspended a $1,000 fine, but recommended that Heine donate $2,500 to help the Flathead County Animal Shelter spay or neuter pets and strays. Heine will still be allowed to own dogs and operate a kennel while he is on probation.

Source:  The Flathead Beacon

shattuckEric S. Shattuck

Hangs his girlfriend’s dog after it nipped at him and defecated in the house.  Left the dog hanging in the garage and displayed it to a female visitor.  Read Deanna’s original post here.

One year in jail. Plus three years probation and several conditions, including 500 hours of community service preferably at a dog park or animal shelter.

Shattuck will be prohibited from possessing any domestic animals, will be required to maintain absolute sobriety, must have psychological, alcohol and other drug abuse assessments and counseling, and will be required to take prescribed medicine.


Gerald J. Laux

The man who regularly beat his dog with a shovel until one day, he beat him to death.  The day after he was investigated on the animal cruelty complaint, he was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.  Read all about it here.

Sentenced to six months in jail for a fifth drunken-driving offense plus 30 days in jail for a misdemeanor conviction of mistreatment to an animal. He was also placed on three years’ probation and ordered to pay $1,748 in fines and court costs.

Source:  Waupaca Now

Maria A. Huffman, Richard Huffman, and Michael Wopat

Here is animal abuse kept “All in the Family,”  two meatheads and a dingbat.  In a cruelty case involving more than 50 animals including 4 puppies with their throats cut.  Only one survived.  See Deanna’s original story here.

All three pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree animal cruelty and received identical sentences.

90 days in jail, $1,600 in restitution and five years without owning animals.

Source:  The Bellingham Herald

Again, painfully disappointing sentences.   No, belay that.  They’re absolutely sickening.


Y’know, it was bad enough when I would post follow-ups to some of the stories I did, so seldom was justice ever served and I would rant about it and ask, beg and plead with people to get in touch with their legislators and the “powers that be” to make some changes, but to see  them here, one after another, again and again… NO JUSTICE, it is just totally indefensible!!

When are our lawmakers, our judicial system going to open their eyes and see?  It’s no secret anymore the connection between animal abuse and interpersonal violence.  Many animal abusers also abuse their spouses, significant others, children or other family members, this is common, not an anomaly!  These people get little to no punishment and it just reinforces to them that they can get away with just about anything, and they will and they do!

Until our judicial system gets serious about punishment, and I don’t just mean for animal abuse, I mean for crime in general, and makes that punishment hard punishment, not some little country club with all the amenities, people will continue to commit crime with further crimes escalating in nature.  This country has got to stop being pansy asses and get serious!  Sure, our prisons are overflowing but its a revolving door and many of the “residents” live better in prison then they do in society!

It’s beyond time to make the punishment fit the crime! Its beyond time that the judicial system take a serious look at animal abuse with the seriousness that it merits.  It is not a joke or a game.  Beyond the fact that these wastes of human life are commiting crimes, the victims are some of the most innocent and defenseless in our society.  They live, they breath, they think, they feel, and they have no voices but ours!


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