Now this one really ticked me off this morning when I read it.  A 23-year-old woman noticed the family dog, a 9-year-old Rottweiler laying in the backyard, unable to get up.  She took the dog to a vet and was told that the dog “had suffered trauma to its spine just below its head that caused the vertebrae to become separated, resulting in paralysis.”

She told the vet and police that her father, 50-year-old Gerald J. Laux of Clintonville, WI, regularly beat the dog with a shovel handle because he whined. Laux brutally beat the dog with that shovel handle until he broke the dog’s back then left him to suffer in the yard, without care or attention. The dog had to be euthanized.

Laux was charged with felony mistreatment of an animal. Although the charge carries a max penalty of 3½ years of prison and extended supervision, we know he’ll never get anything close.

Now what really burns me is that the daughter knew this poor dog was regularly abused but never did anything about it. She’s not a child, she’s a grown adult and should have had some responsibility.

I know that if I saw someone beating a dog with a shovel handle I would never stand back and just let it happen. What I would want to do is to take that same shovel handle and use it on the abuser!

I think that this woman, the daughter of Laux, should be charged with something, even if just negligence to have known about this and allowed it to continue. As for Laux, well, I’m not even going to go into what he deserves….

What do you think about this?

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