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For the Love of the Dog

More Fort Bliss Animal Abuse Discovered!

Can you believe this?  Another animal abuse case discovered pointing to a Fort Bliss resident!   A stray dog dying of starvation was found wandering the streets last week and as it turns out, the dog was adopted from a rescue group by a Fort Bliss family. 

This German Shepherd mix puppy, Sadie, was adopted from New Hope Alliance by a Fort Bliss family.  The soldier was deployed 30 days after adopting Sadie and the soldier’s wife went home to visit her family.  She left Sadie in the care of a friend in November 2009.  But as we can see by the looks of Sadie, she wasn’t in good hands. 


Charges have been filed but it is not known if the soldier’s family or the civilian “friend” will be held liable.   This is the third case of animal abuse from Fort Bliss that we have posted about.  First, Frank Zimmerman, and second, Dwayne Sumter.   New Hope Alliance also adopted out dogs to Frank Zimmerman.

Just this past October, an officer from the Humane Society of the United States gave a training session at Fort Bliss on how to better deal with animal cruelty issues.  How to investigate a case, how to ensure care of animals during the investigation, and how to charge and prosecute the case.  Fort Bliss did not want to have this happen again. 

But it did! 

Fort Bliss officials were taking the steps to be proactive.  It’s obvious they have a long way to go.  So does this country.  This is all too common a theme.  Military families, civilian families, senior citizens…more assistance must be given to help rehome animals safely and to keep them together.  And to aggressively prosecute those who don’t give a flying hockey puck – no matter where they live, work or serve.   This must be a national initiative for all citizens, not just a military initiative.  

Sadie is doing better and is currently recovering in a foster home.   She’s still a little thin but gaining some weight and acting very puppyish.  There are just so many others out there that don’t get saved in time.

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