jaime_22Welcome to a new year, and my vote for the first POS of 2010 goes to Jamie Lee Chandley of Lorain Ohio.   Jamie Chandley is a backyard breeder who advertises her business as Midnight Acres Great Danes.  On Christmas Day she called the police to report her estranged husband had kicked in the door to their home and robbed her of a few items.  When the police arrived, it was not the stolen items that concerned them.

It was three, emaciated, starving Great Danes.  According to the police report, the three dogs, were freezing outside in a dog run with no food or water and were covered in feces.  Jaime Chandley was arrested and charged with three counts of animal cruelty.


The adult female pictured is Foxy.  She weighed just 58 pounds.  Her weight should have been between 110 and 150 pounds.  She was the worst of the three and vets caring for her were concerned because she was unable to eat.  Look at that poor girl.  Skin and bones and covered in sores.  And from the looks of it, she was probably continually bred.

Sadly, Foxy has died.

The other two dogs, Sky, a five month old female, and Deuce, an adult male, are doing well and should recover.  Veterinarians estimate that these three dogs may have gone without food for well over a month.

sky_daneAnd Jamie Chandley was able to post $3,000 bond.   Gee, she found enough money to bail herself out but she couldn’t find enough money to fee these dogs?

Well she *boo-hooed* it to the judge – my house is in forecloooooosure…I lost my huuuuuuuusband…I made a bad deciiiiiiiiiiiiiiision…  Yah, one big sob story when they get caught.

Facing three counts of cruelty to animals, she appeared in Lorain Municipal Court and pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges and was sentenced to 90 days behind bars for abusing and neglecting her three Great Danes.  The 90 days in jail is for one count of animal cruelty.  The sentence for the other two counts was suspended.   In addition to the jail time, Chandley received the maximum fine of $750 on each count for a total of $2,250 and will pay restitution for the vet bills. The amount of the restitution will be decided in a restitution hearing on January 27.  She also received five years probation and is forbidden from keeping animals while on probation.  She was taken to jail directly from the courtroom.

What the hell kind of sentence is that?  I doubt she’ll be serving the entire amount and she’ll probably just move to another county or state and start up again.  After all, for some of these idiots, it’s just the cost of doing business.

Unless the laws get stricter with higher fines, longer jail terms, and lifetime bans on owning animals; 2010 and the years following will fill up this blog with nothing else but more skanks like Jamie Chandley.

Doctor Wood of The Lorain Animal Clinic is providing treatment to Sky and Deuce out of his own pocket. Should you like to make a donation to this cause, you can send your donation to the Wood Foundation, 4205 Oberlin Avenue, Lorain, 44053 (440-282.6769).

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