Cleaning up after FidoIt’s almost hard for me not to laugh over this one but it really is a serious subject.  Irresponsible dog owners make all dog owners look bad and we’re finding less and less places we’re able to take our dogs to walk.  More and more parks, unless they are designated as dog parks, are becoming off limits,  beaches and other public areas are no longer dog friendly because people are sick of dealing with what is too often left behind.

I agree.  I don’t want to be out taking a leisurely walk and have to deal with what someone else’s dog left behind.  I have my two dogs and I take care of them and clean of after them and think anyone who doesn’t should have to deal with some kind of a penalty or fine.

Now, here’s the question, when should you actually be in violation?  Should it be when you actually don’t clean up or should it be when you are found without the means to clean up if your dog does its business?

In Seattle you can be fine $500 for not cleaning up after your dog but you can be fined $54 for just not having a bag to clean up with when you are walking your dog.  Basically they figure if you’re not prepared, you’re not going to do your duty if your dog does theirs.

What’s your thoughts on this?

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