Daizy BauerJust imagine the heartbreak of your best friend being missing.  When you first find out, your heart stops for a minute and then your pulse races, your frantic and worried.  You race out looking, yelling and calling.  You plaster the area with missing posters and check all the shelters and anywhere else you can think of… and you wait… and you hope… and you pray.

This is the story of the Bauers of Clear Lake, TX.  When Hurricane Ike blew down their fence ten months ago, they took their dogs, Daizy, a Blue Lacy and Hank, in for boarding so they could be safe until the fence was fixed.  Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out they way they planned.  The got a called about 10 pm that both dogs were missing and for Joe and Kathy Bauer, the hunt was on to find their beloved missing babies.

Hank showed up pretty quickly but there was no sign of Daizy… until last week.  Daizy had been spotted in a wooded area just a mile from their home.

Joe Bauer and Hank initially went out to try to bring Daisy home but after 10 months on her own, she was wary and skittish and took off running.  Last Thursday, Kathy Bauer went out with them and a familiar whistle was all it took to bring Daizy running.

“She sat and lifted her paw for a handshake like she always would. Then she started whimpering,” said Kathy, who admitted she was whimpering a bit, too.

“I was in the middle of the street at 11:45 at night crying and thanking the Lord. It was a wonderful, wonderful reunion.”

Looks like Daizy is settling back into the good life of “home and hearth” pretty quickly, surrounded by love and family. You gotta love “lost dog found” stories and happy endings!! 😀

Thanks for the heads up on this one Susie!

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