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Before you-all click on the little link “continue reading post”, let me just say this…

I’m sorry about what you will be reading.

Lord God Have Mercy.

100 sled dogs were slaughtered “Exectution Style” in April 2010, all in the name of “business”.

Outdoor Adventures Whistler, located in the Soo Valley north of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, anticipated a booming post-Olympics business with their Sled Dog tours. It didn’t happen. With 300 sled dogs and slumping business, it was decided to reduce their “herd” of sled dogs. There were too many dogs and not enough tourists. Some were rehomed, but not many. Then some creep up the corporate ladder decided most had to go – any which way possible.

An employee of Howling Dog Tours Whistler (a subsidiary of Outdoor Adventures Whistler) killed the dogs last April. The dogs were either shot or had their throats slit and dumped into a mass grave.

This worker received compensation for post-traumatic stress from WorkSafeBC (Workers Comp), and it was that inspection report that somehow managed to get into the hands of the RCMP and the B.C. SPCA.

I’m just going to print an account that was published in the Vancouver Sun.

The man responsible for the “execution-style” cull of 100 sled dogs that were no longer of use to the Whistler-based Outdoor Adventures “due to a slow winter” season had known a lot of the dogs and was so traumatized by the slaughter he now suffers from nightmares, panic attacks and depression, according to a confidential workers’ compensation review decision obtained by the Vancouver Sun.

The unidentified man said he had raised many of the 300 dogs owned by his employer, in fact, naming many of them. But over a two-day period in late April 2010, he agree to carry out the orders from his employer to euthanize some of them because part of his job duties “included herd control.”

In the document, the man thought he had put down 30 per cent of the company’s herd — approximately 70 animals — but the employer’s report of injury to the animals, filed with the review board in May, stated it had actually been 100 dogs.

The information came to light after the employee filed for workers’ compensation after developing post-traumatic stress disorder for allegedly being forced to kill the dogs — potentially after bookings slumped following the 2010 Olympic Games.

A veterinarian had been contacted but refused to participate in the cull of healthy animals.

The report also stated the man tasked with the job tried to adopt out the dogs but with limited success.

“In the past, his practice when euthanizing a dog was to take it for a walk in the woods and give them a nice meat meal to distract them. That would make for a calm environment and kept the dogs away from the general population so as not to disrupt them. He would use a gun to euthanize the dogs,” the report states.

However, because of the large number of dogs, he said he was forced to euthanize the dogs in full view of the other animals. By about the 15th dog, it appeared to him “the dogs were experiencing anxiety and stress from observing the euthanasia of other members of the pack and were panicking.” As a result of the panic, a dog named Suzie was only wounded by the employee.

“Susie was the mother of his family’s pet dog ‘Bumble.’ He had to chase Suzie through the yard because the horrific noise she made when wounded caused him to drop the leash,” the report states. “Although she had the left side of her cheek blown off . . . he was unable to catch her. He then obtained a gun with a scope and used it to shoot her when she settled down close to another group of dogs.”

It also states when he went to get the dog, he was bitten in the arm. After disposing of Suzie’s body, he returned and noticed another dog — named Poker — that was special to him and not slated to be euthanized had been accidentally shot.

“Poker was covered in blood from a neck wound and covered in his own feces. He believed Poker suffered for approximately 15 minutes before he could be put down,” the report states.

The employee had put down about 55 dogs on April 21, and by the end of the day, the dogs were so panicked they were biting him and he had to wrap his arms in foam to prevent injury.

“He also had to perform what he described as ‘execution-style’ killings where he wrestled the dogs to the ground and stood on them with one foot to shoot them. The last few kills were ‘multiple-shot’ killings as he was simply unable to get a clean shot,” the report says. “He described a guttural sound he had never heard before from the dogs and fear in their eyes.”

But the killings on April 23 were described as “worse” than two days earlier because the herd’s fear and anxiety began almost immediately.

On that day, the first significant killing happened to a dog named Nora, who he had shot 20 minutes earlier and put into the mass grave. He noticed her crawling around amid the 10 or so bodies already there so had to climb down into the grave and “put her out of her misery.”

At that point, the reports states he “wanted nothing more than to stop the ‘nightmare,’ but he continued because he had been given a job to finish and did not want to prolong the suffering and anxiety of the whole kennel population. He stated that he felt ‘numb.'”

His last memory of killing the final 15 dogs was “fuzzy” and in some cases he felt it was simpler to “get behind the dogs and slit their throats and let them bleed out.” The report states he was “covered” in blood by the end.

“When he finished he cleared up the mess, filled in the mass grave and tried to bury the memories as deeply as he could.”

If that report doesn’t make your blood run cold, nothing will. The criminal investigation will focus on the man who killed the dogs, and the corporate management will be investigated as well.

In addition, this worker stated he had worked for the company for years, lived on a farm with the dogs, “and had developed a strong emotional bond of mutual love and trust with them.”

So why couldn’t he just say…


…when told to “reduce the herd”? What did his employer say, order, or insinuate to have him commit such a heinous act. Or was he just told to get rid of the dogs and this is what he thought he had to do.

How could someone who loved these dogs actually kill them in such a brutal manner. And how could someone higher up the corporate ladder even order such a thing.

Something dark runs through somebody’s veins. Something really black.

My politically correct statement is “those responsible for this had better be held accountable”. And my un-politically correct position is…

FedEx ’em straight to HELL!

Boycotting Outdoor Adventures Facebook


Thank you Andrea, this is a hard one, to put it mildly!

There are no words, no excuses, nothing that can explain this or excuse this in any way, shape or form! there’s a small part of me that has some sympathy for the person who acted to kill all those innocent, healthy, terrified dogs, from the report you can tell he hurt and suffered doing this. But then I think about the pain and suffering of the dogs; watching and listening to their kennel-mates being cruelly executioned, their terror mounting with every shot and scream and whimper of the victims and any sympathy evaporates. I wish him and everyone involved in this heartless, bloody, cruel massacre straight to hell!!

And I question, will there be justice? There so seldom ever is for the innocent animal victims but we can ask, demand and plead… take a moment, after you dry your eyes… and sign the petition asking for justine for these 100 innocent victims of man’s heartlessness and greed! ~ Deanna


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