Sharon McDonough1The count is up to 42 dead dogs and cats found buried on Sharon McDonough’s Seldon, NY property. Necropsies show evidence that some of the animals were tortured; duct tape around their mouths, signs of drowning.

District Judge Paul Hensley, in saying that, “There are indications this defendant did kill these animals. I believe the impulse to flee will become irresistible,” set McDonough’s bail at $100k after she was found competent to stand trail following a psychiatric evaluation.

ADA John Cortes has said that there is “the likelihood of a felony indictment” in relation to the gruesome backyard graveyard but McDonough has already been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty counts for the five live animal found in her home. All five pets; a shepherd mix, a beagle mix, an Italian greyhound, a cocker spaniel mix, a pug and a tabby cat were living in horrendous conditions in cages.

McDonough’s 6 minor children, daughters ranging in age from 18-months to 13-years, were previously removed from her custody.

James D’Angelo, McDonough’s defense attorney, was “shocked” by the ruling, “I don’t feel there was a significant change in circumstances. She’s made each and every court appearance. She’s presumed to be innocent. I am very disappointed with the judge’s decision today.”

On November 5, McDonough’s son, Douglas McDonough, 21, turned his mother in describing the home as “a concentration camp for the animals” and saying that he and his sisters had been present for some of the animal killings.

I’m relieved to see that a judge is finally taking an animal abuse case seriously enough to place a high bail on the abuser but it’s sad that it took 42 innocent, dead and tortured animals to come to this and five more, though alive, living in hell. I cannot even imagine the trauma those poor children will be dealing after living in that house and seeing the horrors they must have seen.  What could possible make a person, if you can call McDonough a person, do something so vicious and cruel? Just lock her up and throw away the key!!

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