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$1.5 Mil Bail for “Man” Accused of Sexually Abusing Dog for 5 Years

brandon-vongthongthripA 20-year-old Gresham, OR “man,” Brandon Vongthongthrip, must have thought it would be amusing to share pictures and videos of himself sexually abusing his dog, an 8-year-old Red Nose American Pit bull named Rocky, on the internet. I doubt he finds it amusing now. He’s been charged with 400 counts, 200 counts of sexual assault of an animal, and 200 counts of aggravated animal abuse and is being held the Multnomah County Detention Center on 1.5 million dollars bail.

“This guy had posted pictures of himself with his dog doing some pretty ugly things,” Sgt. Mike LeDuc said.

“Authorities first learned of Mr. Vongthongthrip’s criminal activity when an anonymous caller contacted investigators at the Oregon Humane Society,” Special Agent Austin Wallace with the Oregon Humane Society said.

“During an interview Mr. Vongthongthrip admitted to assaulting Rocky over 400 times. This abuse occurred over a five year period. Rocky was removed from the residence by Multnomah County Animal Control and will undergo an examination and treatment for his injuries in the following days.”

Vongthongthrip has no previous criminal or mental history and up until his detention, lived with his mother and her fiancé.

There’s just nothing to say. Lock it up and throw away the key!

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