Huckleberry - 15K Reward for Return
“Life isn’t about money — it’s about the connection you make with other souls. Huckleberry was like my soulmate.” This said by Bert Clark, 37, of Toronto about his missing chocolate lab, Huckleberry who went missing Saturday.

Huckleberry was out Saturday morning with his dog walker when she stopped and left him tied up in front of a bakery at Roxborough and Yonge Sts., while she went inside for several minutes. When she came back outside, Huckleberry was gone. Clark believes he was stolen rather than got loose and wandered off and now he just wants his dog back.

“There isn’t any sum of money that I would associate with him,” Clark said Saturday night during a brief respite from combing the streets for his pet.

Clark said that he has notified police and the Humane Society, but so far, Huckleberry remains at large. He describes the dog as 85 pounds, tall, with a sliver of white on his chest. He may also be wearing a green collar.

“He was a gentle, trusting soul. He wouldn’t have expected anything bad from anybody,” said Clark. “What I would say to whoever has him is that they shouldn’t underestimate how important Huckleberry is to me. I’d be devastated if anything were to happen to him.”

Working with a team of about a dozen friends and family members, Clark has blanketed the area with some 200 posters; the only tip that’s come in so far is a report of two kids seen arguing and petting Huckleberry around the time he disappeared.

“I want whoever has him to realize that if this is a prank, it isn’t funny,” he said.

Clark said he’s also considering ads in local newspapers if Huckleberry isn’t found soon.

“I’m only interested in his safe return. I just want this to end,” he said. “He’s playful, he had a sense of humour, he loved kids . . . he was the perfect dog.”(The Star)

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