Are Diane and Howard Dice of the 100 block of Maple Drive, Bethel Township, PA, responsible of the death of 18 puppies that died in a shed fire on Thursday, 6/14. Of course they are! But are they directly responsible as in did they cause the blaze in the shed killed the puppies? Time and investigation will show.

There were 19 dogs on the property, said Chris Ryder, state agriculture department spokesman. Four were alive when firefighters and Johnson arrived around 8 p.m. Thursday, Johnson said.

Two were euthanized, one died and one is under a veterinarian’s care, he said. The surviving dog has burns on its back and might be blind from the smoke, Johnson said.

There are unconfirmed reports that a dog remains on the Dice property, Johnson said.

Johnson said that he noticed an “obvious smell of lighter fluid, like you would use to light charcoal” on and around the dogs. A state police fire marshal is investigating.

Attempts to reach the homeowners yesterday were unsuccessful.

Johnson said that the state dog law officer, a township zoning officer and a police officer who inspected the property Thursday found “deplorable living conditions, and that the air quality inside was very poor” in the dog shed.

After an investigator told the residents to give up the dogs, a family member told her, “No, I’ll kill them before I’ll give them away to anyone,” Johnson said.

The state dog law officer has cited Dianne Dice, the dogs’ owner, for having four dogs without rabies vaccinations and one without a license, Ryder said.

Johnson said he had received calls about the conditions of dogs on the property.

Issuing a citation for operating a kennel without a license, commonly referred to as operating a “puppy mill,” requires 26 dogs, Ryder said. He said he had intended to go to the property yesterday morning with a warrant to seize the dogs and issue citations. Ryder said there were no previous citations on file against Dianne Dice.

The Dices also could face township zoning violations, because Bethel Twp. has an ordinance that limits residents to three dogs without a kennel license, Johnson said. (The Patriot News)

So, did they kill them rather then give the puppies up? Did they actually sentence these poor innocent little puppies to death in an inferno of their making? Police also reported the presence of a ‘burn pit’ near the shed where the fire happened.  Did this contribute? Why would there be “obvious smell of lighter fluid, like you would use to light charcoal” on and around the dogs?

What do you think? What I think is one way or another they’re guily of the deaths of these poor puppies, whether through neglect or intentional, they’re guilty!

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