BongoNow this is just sad!! In 2005 approximately 67 dogs were removed from a man for animal cruelty. Many of those dogs went to the Bella Vista animal shelter and others to the Humane Society. Sadly, due to search warrent error, 30 of the dogs went back to Van E. Banks. (see more about that here)

Now, 2 years later, 4 of these dogs still sit in the shelter awaiting adoption. At the time many people came forward to adopt the dogs but once they were cleared for adoption, they changed their minds. 🙁

So “Bunny, Bongo, North and Chubbs relax on blankets and pet beds behindBunny the counter of the Bella Vista Animal Shelter.”

Miles (shelter director) said she tries to euthanize as few animals as possible at the Bella Vista Animal Shelter, even if it means keeping them for years. The beagles are the longest shelter residents, but she still hopes they will find homes.

Some of the beagles are skittish, but “they are absolutely more than ready to become part of a home,” Miles said. (From The Morning News – 5/4/07 – For the full story Click here)

Haven’t these dogs suffered enough adversity in their lives? Do you have room in your heart and home? If you are in the Bella Vista, AK area, think about offering one of these sweet babies a secong chance at a real life!

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