Here are the AKC’s top 10 dog breeds for 2007

1. Labrador Retriever – topped the list for the 17th straight year

2. Yorkshire Terrier – held steady in 2nd place, after making news last year by displacing the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd

3. German Shepherd Dog

4. Golden Retriever

5. Beagle – the only breed consistently on the Top 10 chart since 1915

6. Boxer

7. Dachshund

8. Poodle – enjoyed a long reign as the most popular dog for 23 years (1960–1982), the longest any breed has held that position consecutively.

9. Shih Tzu

10. Bulldog – first time the Bulldog has made it onto the top ten list since 1935, first recognized by the AKC in 1886, most popular in 1915 when it peaked in fifth place, hit a low of 41st place in 1973

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