ASPCA announced it’s 2012 Humane Award Winners and one of those is a blind dog that was rescued from a trash heap who captured hearts world wide.  The video, shown below, brought me to tears.  Tears of heartbreak that any living creature should have to endure such circumstances… then tears of joy as she was rescued and given a second chance.

Abandoned in a trash heap behind an auto body shop in South Los Angeles, Calif., Fiona, an 11-year-old poodle mix, was sick, covered in dirt, matted, infested with fleas and blind in both eyes. Fortunately, Audrey and Eldad Hagar, founders of Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Hope for Paws, came to Fiona’s aid. They cleaned and cared for her and took her to a veterinary ophthalmologist who confirmed her vision in one eye could be restored with surgery. Hope for Paws posted Fiona’s rescue video online, hoping to raise enough money for the expensive surgery. With the help of hundreds of donors all over the world, they raised the funds for her surgery, and Fiona was soon adopted into the loving home of Michele and Chris Gentry of Los Angeles, CA and three poodle sisters. Fiona’s miraculous story of survival has since garnered more than 5.5 million views online, a testament to what can be accomplished when homeless animals get a second chance.

Watch the video, allow your heart to be touched….

From Eldad Hagar, “Just announced, FIONA is “The Dog of the Year 2012”!!! Our video of her rescue inspired millions of people all around the world. Many have written to us that Fiona gave them hope as they went through their own struggles, while others shared that Fiona awakened compassion and a desire to help stray, abandoned and shelter animals.

The ASPCA is recognizing the incredible international impact of a dog who once lived in trash: stray, scared, blind and rescued by Hope For Paws – Animal Rescue.

We will be attending the award ceremony with Fiona and her adopting parents, Chris & Michele Gentry in New York City on November 8th. As the date approaches, we will establish a meeting time and place all of you who would like to give Fiona a hug.
Winter is here, please share this video and give hope to the dogs who are still waiting to be saved.”
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