Pearl, abandoned Katrina dogAbandoned during Katrina, left to fend for herself for probably a month and a half, this beautiful 4 year old Rottweiler named Pearl. is still looking for a home to call her own.

Lori Moss, MaxFund director, said that when Pearl was brought to Denver in November 2005, she was malnourished, had heartworm and was traumatized. Due to this trauma she’s been difficult to adopt.

“She was abandoned in her home and she had to find food on her own for probably a month and a half, so it was very traumatic for her. If it rains, it scares her. When the wind blows, it scares her,” Moss said.

Moss says Pearl is best suited for an owner who is familiar with Rottweilers and their temperament. She says Pearl seems to prefer women over men and probably should go to a single woman or a young couple with no children.

This is Pearl’s bio from the MaxFund site

Whew! I’ve had a tough life!! First I weathered the Katrina hurricane, and barely escapedPearl with my life. I was finally rescued, but had almost starved to death in the meantime. I finally made it to Colorado after a many hour truck trip, and then it was discovered that I was heartworm positive.

I was taken to Douglas County Vet Hospital where they cured my condition. It was pretty painful to get rid of all those heartworms! I’ve finished my last treatment and am ready for my new home!

I definitely need an experienced Rottweiler owner. I’m loyal and very smart!! I need a great new loving home!! I’m more than overdue for some of the finer things in life! I would do best in a home with no children and with no other pets. I have all the love you’ll ever need!

If you would like to adopt Pearl, contact MaxFund at 303-595-4917 or visit MaxFund

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