frankie1Animal protection authorities in New Mexico are hoping the a $25K reward will lead to the piece of trash that cruelly abused and tortured this tiny little one year old min pin.  Someone wrapped baling wire around his muzzle tearing the flesh and injuring the little guy and that he live like that for a week, unable to eat or drink.

Frankie, as he has been named, was found wandering around Meadow Lake las tweek, obviously suffering and in pain. You could see to the bone where the wire bit into his muzzle.

frankie2“When animal control got him to the vet’s office he had to go through a whole bag of fluid just to rehydrate him,” Janelle Chavez, “Frankie’s” caretaker said.

He underwent surgery is now recovering at foster organization called “Almost Home New Mexico” in Valencia County but authorities want the person who did this to him and they want them pretty badly.

Chavez said, “We don’t know how he lived through this — he had a strong will.”

Let’s help to get the word, $25K should help to twist a few arms and maybe we can find some justice for this little guy and get a piece of trash some punishment! This is just so sad, no dog should should have to suffer abuse and torture at the hand of someone for their sick and twisted games and enjoyment.

“If they can do something this mean and cruel to animal I don’t think they have a conscience they don’t have a heart,” Chavez said.

After a couple more weeks of recovery and recuperation it’s hopeful that Frankie will be able to find a new home.  Ever with what the little guy has been through, he still has a wonderful temperment.

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Tips can be called in to the state’s animal cruelty hotline at 1-877-5-HUMANE.

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