Mason County Shelter DogThis is wonderful that ‘A Forever Home‘, a rescue from northern Virginia, was able to rescue 38 dogs from Mason County Animal Shelter in West Virginia, 300 miles away from them but Mason County Animal shelter is still in desperate need of help!

The Mason County Animal Shelter in West Virginia took in the area’s cast-offs. It was a no-kill facility and only the worst-off animals were put down. The shelter, meant to hold 50 animals, had nearly 300.

The facility was overcrowded and, to make matters worse, the sewage wasChuck backed up.

“Every animal there was in feces, and we’re not talking about one day’s worth of feces, urine and feces from days stacked up,” Carmen Cline of A Forever Home said. (NBC4)

The sewage problem happened when county workers busted some sewage lines and then basically just left and left things as they were on August 4.

Apparently, some county workers were filling in low places around the shelter in Pt. Pleasant, WV and the heavy equipment crushed the sewer system. The workers have gone home, leaving the mess.

WillieThe dogs are standing in green sludge, they are covered with feces and urine, blood and green sludge. Many dogs are tied outdoors in the direct heat of the sun.

Dogs inside the building are standing in backed up sewer sludge. I understand there is no clean water. Some of the dogs appear to be near death. (

And this after a recent ultimatum from county commissioners that the shelter decrease the number of animals of they would take over and reduce the numbers themselves, by euthanization.Shanook

The following are some excerpts from an email from Angela Roach, president of the Mason County Animal Shelter

July 27 – Panic is beginning to set in. We are now looking at 18 days to move 200 dogs, or the county will regain control of the Mason County Animal Shelter and euthanize all but 50.

Our story is no different than countless other shelters who face overcrowding and the pressure to make the choice to kill perfectly healthy or at the very least, easily treatable, dogs and puppies for the sheer sake of numbers.

SasquatchAs the deadline grows closer, the county “vultures” are starting to swarm, visiting the shelter to count how many remain. The bad part is that not everyone is even listed on our Petfinder site. I assure you if you can help in anyway, any request for information about a particular breed or size or temperament of dog will not go unanswered. We do have a tremendous number of black dogs: labs, setters, hounds, terriers. Until the past several months, I never realized that color had it’s prejudices in animals, too.

Since the plea went out there has been some help. Organizations such as the ASPCA, Best Friends Organization and independent rescue and shelter have helped to get some of the animals out.

[As of last Friday] Angela Roach, the president of the Mason County Animal Shelter Group Inc., said 56 of 250 dogs already have been adopted since Wednesday and all 54 cats will be transported to a no-kill facility in Moore County, N.C., on Saturday.Rocky

Along with adoption and transfers to other shelters, Roach said 20 to 30 animals a day have been getting spayed/neutered. She said more than a dozen people, including animal specialists, have volunteered their time to reduce the number of animals at the shelter.

“It’s a miracle,” Roach said. “People are beginning to see that these animals are worth saving.” (Herald Dispatch)

President Rick Handley of the Mason County Commission is threatening to come in and take over the shelter if they don’t get their numbers down any way possible including euthanizing many of the animals. They have the authority to do that since the animal shelter is on commission-owned property.

When animal groups and surrounding shelters found out about the commission’s plan to euthanize the animals that the veterinarians considered a risk, Roach said people from all over the county decided to help. In order to avoid euthanizing any of the animals, Roach said dogs have been sent as far away as Maine to ensure their safety.

Handley said the purpose of the new policy is to implement the recommendations made by the Humane Society to reduce the number of animals at the facility by adoption, transfer and euthanasia. In order to make the shelter safe and healthy, Handley said the commission will focus primarily on euthanizing the animals that are considered “violent towards people, indefinitely ill or the unadoptable.”

But Roach objects to that plan.

“Not one animal here has any condition that is untreatable. Instead of trying to rehabilitate the (animals) they’re just going for the quick fix,” she said. “(Treating the ill animals) is not the easy route, but if the option is there, why not pursue it?”

“She has tried not to kill any animal, and I praise her for that but it can’t go on forever,” Handley said. “We want to get the numbers down but hopefully get as many of them as possible to other shelters.”

Handley estimated the date for the veterinarians to come in and assess the animals to be around mid-August.

For more information on volunteering or adoptions, call Roach at the Mason County Animal Shelter at (304) 675-6458 or (304) 674-3085. Send donations to 1965 Fairground Road, Point Pleasant, WV 25550.

The need help and they need it now and they need it desperately! Please get the word out.

The sewer line was fixed by Monday while workers at the shelter continued to try to find homes for many of the remaining animals.

Time is of the essence, though. The county commission has hired an animal control team from Parkersburg that will visit the shelter next week to make recommendations for animals that should be euthanized. (Charleston Daily Mail)

Time is so short for so many of these dogs!! Please, please, please get the word out!

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