Bugsy Pompeyo Lopez Morales was charged Wednesday with animal cruelty for dragging 4 month old Bugsy, a tiny Chihuahua puppy.

Morales says he was so tired from work that he forgot the puppy was tied to his truck when he left and if not for some passers-by flagging down the truck, Bugsy would have lost alot more then a great deal of skin, which is horrible enough!

[Then to make matters even worse,] Morales refused to take the dog to a veterinarian, witnesses told investigators. A woman offered to take the dog to the vet herself and Morales agreed.

Candace Stordahl, animal control supervisor at the Escambia County Animal Shelter, said the dog, which is being called Bugsy, was “scared to death but in stable condition” Thursday morning.

“He is a little out of it because of the pain medication,” she said. “But I think he will recover nicely.” (Pensacola News Journal)

Bugsy is hurt pretty badly.

He is now being cared for at a local vets office and then he will most likely come to the Escambia County Animal Shelter for adoption.

And his owner says he’s going to try to get him back.

This puppy is a fighter. The dragging took away a lot of his skin, but not his spirit.

Vet: ” He’s stable, but he’s on pain meds. I’m expecting a full recovery it’s just going to take time.”

Animal Control director Candace Strodahl says it’s one of the worst abuse cases she’s ever seen.

Strodahl: “To be dragged behind a car is intentional and I think it’s just horrible.”

Deputies say, Pompeyo Lopez Morales, is the man behind the abuse. Morales is Bugsy’s owner and he was arrested on animal cruelty charges at his home on Seminole Trail Wednesday night.

Deputy: “I’m looking for Pompeo, is he here, No he’s at work.”

Morales has been released from jail on bond. His dad Pedro says his son isn’t an abusive man, he simply forgot the dog was tied to the truck.

Morales’ father: “He’s very nervous and I don’t believe he was able to sleep last night, because when he said what do I do now.”

His dad says, once his son knew the dog was hurt he was going to take him to a vet, but first he had to clean-up.

Father: “He said he was going to take a shower cause he was dirty.”

Deputies say Morales had no plans of caring for the dog and that’s why he was arrested.

Pedro Morales says his son hopes the dog recovers soon.

Father: “Does he want the dog back, yes.”

Neighbor: “I think it’s horrible and disgusting.”

Carol MacDonald lives near the family. She says the dog has no business going back to the home.

Neighbor: “I hope the poor baby gets adopted to somebody that really loves him and takes care of him.”

Vet: “We’ve had a lot of outcry and lots of concern about whats going to happen to the little fellow.”

Animal Control officers say hundreds of people have called about Bugsy.

He will be available for adoption in a few weeks, but only to a family that can cover his medical bills.

Officers say it’s very unlikely Morales will be able to get the dog back… (WEAR TV)

What a sad story and how horrible for that poor little puppy! Thanks goodness for the people who stepped in and saved the dog’s life.

As for Morales, why did he tie the puppy to the truck in the first place? How long had the little dog been languishing there while he was working? And how do you just forget a tiny little puppy who I would think would have been barking and jumping for joy at the return of his master? Just some points to ponder as we can be thankful Bugsy escaped with his life.

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