Wadesboro, NC, police found a 4 month old puppy in a abandoned house. The puppy had been so severely beaten with a sledgehammer, a beer bottle and rock that he’s lost and eye, may lose the use of one of his legs and also possibly has a skull fracture. The culprits? Police believe that 4 juveniles and at least one or two adults were involved in this horrific crime.

The abandoned house the puppy was found in is next door to the home of the puppy’s owner but as yet, no one has any idea how the puppy got to the abandoned house on Cherry Street where he was found after a disturbance call. Police do hope to make some arrests Monday.

The puppy is at the Homeward Bound Humane Society in Anson County and is slowly recovering.

What kind of a sick thrill do people get out of beating and abusing a defenseless and innocent animal?? After the thrill of animal abuse wears off, what’s next? Children, strangers… It takes a very sick and twisted person to enjoy inflicting pain on a living creature. These kinds of people have no place in society… period! Their actions will only escalate. It may be ‘only a dog’ this time, but what about next time? Find’em and lock’em up, then just throw away the key!


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