MooMoo, 2 yr old shih tzu stolenThey stole five plasma TVs, 700 DVD movies, computers, clothing and anything else they could carry but what hurt Roseanne and Michael Denigris the most was that they stole Moo Moo. Moo Moo is a little 2 yr old shih tzu that the thieves stole when they broke into the Denigris Wicker Park in Chicago last Tuesday in broad daylight!

The Denigris ran an as in The Chicago Tribune Monday offering a $5000 reward, no questions asked. They just want their dog, Moo Moo back.

“They took my karaoke machine, my winter coats, my TV that was in here,” said Roseanne. They also took Moo Moo. “That is the toughest part.”

“Most importantly my dog, Moo Moo. That’s my main concern right now. I don’t care about anything else,” said Michael.

The Denigris family owns Fruitflowers on North Damen. From there they are waging their battle to get their dog back. 700 flyers a day are being printed and posted.

“He has breathing problems. He was the weakest one, but … We have to give him medicine so, I mean, he can’t breath correct so if he can’t get his medicine. The dog’s not going to live anyway and I don’t want to see that happen,” said the Denigris.

The $5,000 reward for Moo Moo is offered- no questions asked.

“You can have the money we can have the dog back. No questions asked,” said Michael. “We just want him back.” (ABC7)

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