Dogs removed from home of Colin TownsendAnswering a neglected dog call, Nashville, TN animal control officers found much more than they anticipated at the home on Willis Street.  Not one but six dogs and four of them dead at the end of chains in the backyard.  The two surviving dogs may not be in that great of shape either.

“They were emaciated. I mean, they (weren’t) fed,” said Billy Biggs of Animal Control Services. “This is a crime. I mean, they starved to death. You know, they died back there with nobody caring, in the mud and in the muck back there.”

The woman who lived at the house, Colin Townsend, refused to meet the officers at the home for fear of being taken into custody. She’d previously been cited for animal cruelty or neglect eight times.

When they had contacted her by phone on Monday she told them that she was a single mother and had lost her job and couldn’t afford to feed the dogs.

“If you can’t take care of them, can’t afford them, you know, you need to call somebody that can take animals in,” Biggs said.

A warrant has been issued for Townsend’s arrest and she is facing felony animal cruelty charges.

There’s something so sick about the mentality of people who say they can’t afford to care for their dogs but rather than do something, anything, to get them help, they’d rather let them suffer a prolonged, cruel death.

And I also have to feel that some kind of blame must rest with animal control.  How can they cite this woman 8 times in the past and leave the dogs there time after time.  I am tired of hearing “minimum standards of care.”  So someone is meeting the minimum standard, just how good is that for the dogs that are chained in a yard in the middle of winter starving?  How good is it now to them when they’re dead?  Animal control needs to do something about their standards, raise the bar so that animals are just forced to live a life of prolonged suffering until their inevitable death!

6 Dogs Neglect, 4 Dead

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