madsen3Anna Madsen, 64, who runs the Love-a-Dog Rescue and Sanctuary in Farmington, MO arrived home Saturday  night to find her home ransacked, six of her dogs missing and a ransom note nailed to the wall with a knife.

The note, written on a bank statement, calls her a stupid old lady, tells her not to contact authorities, family or friends and demands a 6-figure ransom for the return of the dogs. She believes it’s someone who is familiar with her operation but who must think she has money.

madsen2“I’m pretty upset about it if you want to know the truth. You know I can’t hardly, it’s hard for me to digest that someone would actually do that.”

“They did take a lot of my favorite dogs with them. I love them all, they’re all my kids. I just want them back and I want them in one piece and I don’t want them harmed,” she said.

Madsen, who said she’s hardly slept since Saturday, says the missing dogs are Gizmo, a Chihuahua and Yorkie mix that was the sanctuary’s mascot; Moses, a Maltese and poodle mix; Lizzi, a rat terrier; Jack, a black and tan Pincher; Jenna Marie, a white Chihuahua with brown spots; and Snickers, a black Chihuahua.

madsen1St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the case and they do say they have some persons of interest but no one is under arrest.

This really is just about as low as you can get! Most people I know who have anything to do with rescue not only don’t have much money, they usually begger themselves caring for their rescue animals. They run their rescues on hopes and prayers mostly. This actually sounds like something some stupid brazen teens would do but whoever it is is completely cruel and heartless! We can only hope that, for the sake of the dogs and Anna, that the sheriff’s department finds out who committed this despicable crime and rescues the dogs before any harms comes to them.

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