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6-Foot-3-Inch 300-Pound Man Beats Chihuahua to Death – VIDEO

daniel-thomas-wellsOn Sunday night, this vicious piece of trash, 44-year-old, 6’3″ and 300-lb Daniel Thomas Wells of Reno, NV ripped the wooden slat off the fence of a neighbor who lived two houses down and took their 6-month old chihuahua puppy and beat it to death.  A witness reported that he repeatedly slammed the tiny puppy against the pavement, yelling “shut-up” and screaming obscenities.

The Peckham Gardens condominium complex on Neil Road has enclosed outdoor patios which is where the puppy was at while the owners were out when the incident took place.

A witness called the police after seeing Wells walk away from the fenced-in patio. When confronted by the police, Wells denied killing the dog but police saw blood on his clothes and abrasions on his knees as well as the witness’ account of what happened.

Lillian Dantzler who lives next door to the home where the puppy was killed is a dog owner and is worried and upset over this. She spoke with the witness.

“She was asking (Wells) “What are you doing?” She said he was irate and kept yelling at the dog to shut the (expletive) up, and pounding the dog on the pavement,” Dantzler said.

“If he did that to a dog, what would he do to a human,” she said.

Wells also has a history of domestic violence and drunk driving. He was being held Monday at the Washoe County Jail in lieu of $3,325 bail on suspicion of animal cruelty, trespassing and destruction of property.

This is one seriously scary individual! I truly feel sorry for anyone in the neighborhood, children and pets are in danger with him around.

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