Dog with leg hacked offKansas City, MO police are searching for any information about the 6 month old puppy they found on Tuesday morning at 11th and Newton, bleeding and hungry, with one of her hind legs hacked off.

“When we brought her in she was real, real sweet, easy to handle,” Dr. Heath Rose with Raytown Animal Hospital said. “We’re going to amputate it higher so there’s enough muscle to protect that bone,” Dr. Rose said.

Spay and Neuter Kansas City jumped in to help raise money to save the dog and get her the continuing medical care she will need. They want her abuser to be found and to pay the price!

“We hope someone may have seen something or is aware of what happened and we hope they call animal control and not let the person get away with this,” Michelle Dormady with Spay and Neuter KC said.

“The edge of the bone is pretty straight, not any fragmented edges to it which would make you believe it’s not from a car injury, some type of trauma of that nature,” said Dr. Rose who does not believe this was an accident, that someone did this to this poor dog intentionally.

Police are investigating this as a possible animal cruelty situation, a felony in Missouri and it’s also against the law to abandon an animal.

Donations can be made in care of SNKC Pet Assistance Program and sent to SNKC PO Box 410303, KCMO 64141 or online at Spay and Neuter Kansas City

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