A six month old Boston Terrier puppy was thrown from the Atlantic City Expressway overpass on July 24 at approximately 11 pm. The body of the puppy in a black plastic bag was found on the roadside.


Carl Galioto, chief with the N.J. SPCA is offering $1,000 of his own money for information leading to conviction of this crime, additional funds are coming in from New Jersey Aid for Animals, the Animal Law Coalition and Pawtographs of Cherry Hill for a total of $1550 in reward monies.

The puppy, with distinctive black-and-white markings, was discovered just before midnight on Thursday by a motorist who heard a thump on the roof of his Jeep Cherokee as he emerged from a tunnel, said officials from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The driver stopped to investigate. He found the dog’s battered and bloody carcass on the connector road to the Expressway near mile marker 0.8 in Atlantic City.

“There’s no way that dog fell off,” Nancy Beall, president of the Atlantic County SPCA, said in an interview yesterday. “There are two fences – one of which arches over the roadway.

“Somebody had to fling her over those fences,” Beall said. “It looks like she was thrown over head first.”

The 6-month-old puppy died on impact of massive head injuries, Beall said.

Angel – named by Beall – was not wearing a collar, marked with an identifying tattoo or implanted with a microchip.

Still, the SPCA is certain someone can help lead them to the person who deliberately threw Angel onto the highway.

“This is not a cheap dog,” Beall said. “A purebred Boston Terrier like Angel sells for about $1,200 from a pet store, $500 from a breeder.”

SPCA agents scoured nearby neighborhoods yesterday looking for information and asking if anyone is missing their dog.

“Nobody is coming forward,” Beall said. “But somebody had to buy this dog.” (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Anyone with information is asked to call 609-926-9325 or 609-927-9059.


Do you know this puppy?? Do you know the owners??

Boston Terrier puppy thrown from overpassBoston Terrier puppy thrown from overpass

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