With the two year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina passing, we remember the horror stories of pets lost and abandoned to their fate, often strenuously against the wishes of their owners. People refusing to leave and abandon their pets. Even now we are still hearing backlash from it, people still fighting to get their pets back that were adopted out and they’ve finally managed to track them down and there are even some pets still sitting in rescues awaiting a home.

Well, a $600,000 grant, announced Monday by the HSUS, will go toward building a hurricane shelter and medical clinic that can house up to 500 animals in the case of another such disaster.

It will be housed on the grounds of Dixon state prison in East Feliciana Parish and trained inmates will care for the animals while plans call for LSU veterinarians and veterinary students to care for the animals in the clinic.

Source – The Times Picayune

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