Stories like this – Dog stuffed in folding chair during domestic fight – indicates why we need to fight for laws that protect not only spouses/domestic partners and children but pets as well when it comes to protection orders.

A dog became entangled in a domestic dispute in Des Moines overnight but eventually was rescued from a folding chair, police said.

…Moss allegedly took Magee’s 8-week-old puppy which had been tied to the front porch.

Magee told officers she didn’t know what he would do to the puppy and begged Moss to give it back. He reportedly took the dog to the trunk of his vehicle. He later took it out of the trunk and went around to the back of the house.

Police said after they arrived Magee found the puppy folded up in a folding chair. When it was released it appeared to be all right.

This puppy was one of the fortunate ones. I’ve read so many stories where the situation escalated and things didn’t turn out near as well for the pet. 🙁

Each year, defenseless pets face the grim reality that they will be victims of domestic abuse. Individuals who abuse animals rarely stop there. Human victims — adults and children alike — often feel they have no choice but to remain in violent households in order to avoid harm to their pets.

Read a little more about Domestic Abuse and Pets Caught in the Middle

A few states have already heard and listened to the our cries and quite a few more have legislation under way.

The following states have bills pending now to include pets and companion animals in protective orders. If you live in any of these states, please follow the link and see what you can do to help protect pets involved in domestic abuse situations.

The following states have already passed bills:

  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Vermont

Sadly the Washington 2007 Legislative Session has adjourned and, Senate Bill 5066, Including Companion Animals in Protective Orders, was held over in the Senate Rules Committee, where it will be heard next session. Passing this bill into law is critical for the welfare of both people and animals because it addresses the domestic violence-related animal abuse crisis head-on. In an effort to stop abusers from harming or threatening to injure pets, the bill would allow judges to include pets in protective orders.

Something important you need to remember is that cruel acts against animals are not just an animal protection issue. Research confirms a strong correlation between violence toward animals and violence toward humans. And it is widely recognized that perpetrators of violent behavior are more likely to have participated in violent acts against both children and animals.

Find out where your state stands on animal abuse.  Be proactive! If you care, contact your legislators and tell them strong laws are needed to protect our furred companions and strong provisions are needed against those who break the laws.

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