How terribly, terribly sad!! Farrel, PA – Someone took an 8 week old pit bull puppy and threw it over a fence in the 600 block of Hamilton Avenue between 8 and 9 p.m. Sunday in an act of deliberate cruelty! By the time the poor puppy by rescued by Renee Dorogy, Humane Agent, semi-conscious, its breathing shallow, it didn’t have much time left. Dorogy rushed it to a vet but 5 minutes into an examination the puppy died.

The mother of the family the puppy belonged to said neighborhood children saw a boy throw the dog over the fence. No one could identify the boy because he was a stranger to the neighborhood, Mrs. Drabick said.

“If anyone witnessed this act of deliberate animal cruelty, we ask that you call the Humane Society voicemail and leave a message for a return call,” she said.

Animal cruelty by an adult or child will not be tolerated and a citation will be issued to whomever is responsible with punishment to be determined in court, she said.

The Humane Society doesn’t usually offer a monetary reward when investigating animal cruelty cases, but they felt this time it was necessary.

“Sometimes money talks. Maybe somebody will come forward. Without the help of the community, we can’t do this alone,” she said.

The Humane Society of Mercer County can be reached at 724-981-5445. (The Herald)

There is someone out there who knows something, please speak out! The person who would do something like this is a danger. Who know what or who will be the next victim. Children who commits acts or violence and abuse often escalate to more violent offenses.

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