A Sun Spot!

No, seriously, Sun Spot is a 20 foot tall dog sculpture that has just been installed at Denver’s new Municipal Animal Shelter at the South Platte Campus.

The sculpture is made from a steel skeleton covered with 90,000 stainless steel pet tags. The movement of the tags in the breeze coupled with sunlight and colored LEDs at night will make the surface of the sculpture sparkle with constant light and movement.  And as you can see from the picture, sparkle is what it does.  WHOA.

How cool is this!!!

Sun Spot is the creation of Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, artists based in Seattle, WA who have created over twenty public art installations throughout the United States. They were awarded the commission at the Municipal Animal Shelter through a competition held by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs in 2010.

Their work was completed by two companies.  Demiurge LLC, a custom metal fabrication studio located in Denver who built the sculpture, and Silo Workshop (another Denver-based art and fabrication studio) who built the suspended collar sculpture.

Once the collar is installed, Silo Workshop will return to the animal shelter every couple months to attach commemorative pet tags to the sculpture.  The public will be invited to customize engraved pet tags to commemorate their adopted pets past and present.

The message is clear – ADOPT!

On Saturday, June 11, the City & County of Denver will kick off the grand opening of the New Denver Animal Shelter (1241 W Bayaud Ave, Denver, CO), a $17 million facility funded by the Better Denver Bond Program. The new shelter replaces the existing Jason Street facility.

It’s going to be quite the attraction along Interstate 25.  Not sure what rush-hour is like there, but if I was commuting along that highway, Sun Spot would be a welcome “wake-up” landmark that I would never tire of.

Denver Municipal Animal Shelter

Denver Municipal Animal Shelter Facebook

Denver’s Public Art Program

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