On this day I want to take a moment and pay tribute and honor the memories of those who lost their lives, to those who worked and rescued and of course to the incredible canines who worked along side their human partners.  We remember!

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Like most everyone, I remember exactly what I was doing on that fateful day. Not being a TV watcher, I got a phone call, a friend screaming frantically to turn on the TV. Stunned, I sat and watched, tears streaming down my face as more and more details came out, hugging my babies close to me and crying into their fur, taking what comfort I could.

I want to honor those who died for no reason except the whim of mad terrorists, to honor those who gave their lives in the rescue efforts. I want to offer my thoughts and prayers to the friends and families of those who lost and still grieve, may your pain not be in vain. I want to honor those who worked on the front lines of the rescue, those who will forever live with the images of pain and death and suffering, may you find peace in your hearts and souls.

And I want to say, “We Will Not Forget!!”


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