But it gets even worse, one minute after they rehired him, they put him on paid leave “while they evaluate his employment status.”

Gary Tate, former deputy dog warden at the Stark County Pound in Canton, OH, was dismissed from his position last year after being accused of animal abuse. Seems he had a habit of using a snare pole to drag dogs by their necks, then using the pole’s noose to lift the dogs to second-tier cages, causing the dogs to hang by their necks. Hmmmm…. nice guy.

Now after a lot of legal wrangling, the county was forced to rehire him and also pay him all the back wages after an arbitrator ruled that Tate should not have been fired because the abuse accusations were “insufficient to justify anything more than some minor discipline.”

Wow, maybe that arbitrator should try the end of the pole that the dogs had to suffer being dangled from! Of course Tate says he wasn’t abusing the dogs, just using the pole to keep himself safe from them. Bet there are lots of really vicious dogs there! Funny, the 30+ volunteers that go in there every day never have to use a pole for protection and have no problems with the dogs. Perhaps the volunteers could demonstrate the proper handling of the dogs?

A number of people protesting the rehiring of Tate, many of them volunteers at the pound — expressed concern about the 25-year employee and reversing the progress they say Dog Warden Evert Gibson has made since 2004 when public outcry forced conditions at the pound to improve.

“We cannot at this time take a step backwards. We need to be careful (about) who is working at the pound,” said Mary McNally, one of the protesters.

I can see where they could be concerned. Since Gibson took over there’s been an increase in adoptions, they are now part of the Waggin Tail program that picks up dogs and transports them to areas where they will have a chance to be adopted and there’s also a spay/neuter program so that all animals will be altered prior to adoption.

I believe in fairness and legality but to me this is  nothing more than abuse of the system.  A man who was in a position to help and care for animals abused them, now he’s on what amounts to paid vacation with a big bonus to boot!! A damn shame!!

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