Stray dogs have it tough anywhere; homeless, foraging for food, often the brunt of abuse but now in LaSalle County, IL, they may have it even tougher as they plan to implement a ‘quick-kill’ solution to solve the problem of stray dogs and cats in the county. If you own a pet in LaSalle County, you better make sure it doesn’t get loose because you may never see it again!!

The La Salle County Board’s Animal Control Committee gave tacit approval Tuesday for the quick euthanasia of stray dogs and cats.

Unofficial approval of the quick-kill option was given after Dr. Dell Brodd, the veterinarian who serves as La Salle County’s animal control administrator, and La Salle County Animal Control Officer Gary Wind explained the diminishing availability of facilities for boarding strays.

The county does not have a pound, so strays are boarded at local animal hospitals.

But, due to the low fees the County Board has set, only the Novak-Brainard Veterinary Clinic in Ottawa will accept them, said Wind — and that is if space is available.

Meanwhile, Wind said, he has been taking animals home and putting them in a horse trailer, often raising complaints from neighbors.

Wind joked about putting kennels in a stock trailer and parking it outside the county government center.

The fees are periodically increased, as they were last February, but still lagging, said Brodd.

“I don’t even know if we doubled the fees if it would even solve the problem.”

For instance, the fee for a three-day board, euthanasia and disposal of a dog was just increased from $70 to $75.

Wind said fees are so low a veterinarian could expect to earn two or three times as much providing the space to client pets.

Additionally, said Brodd, the animal hospitals must deal with the irate owners of strays when presented with the bill for services.

Of even more concern, said Wind, is that some of the dogs he brings in “are just downright vicious” — putting staff and other animals at risk.

“I had one pit bull grab the divider, a chain link fence, whipping his head back and forth trying to get at the dog next to him to the point his mouth was torn to pieces and it looked like somebody had painted his teeth silver.”

Typically, unlicensed dogs and cats are boarded for three days to allow owners to recover them — after first paying appropriate boarding, license and vaccination fees.

Those not picked up are either euthanized of turned over to a shelter, if one can be found with room that will take them.

That is not always the case, Wind said.

“I called 15 shelters about three weeks ago and couldn’t find a spot for a real nice dog that ended up having to be put down.”

With the number of animal hospitals offering boarding space dropping to just one, the quick-kill option was discussed, although not voted on, as an acceptable solution. No committee member voiced opposition.

Wind said he contacted the animal control officers in nine other counties and veterinarians within a 15-mile radius of the La Salle County, but could find none who could offer help.

Most, he said, suggested the county establish its own pound.

Brodd and Wind described a kennel for sale near Marseilles for $219,000.

But committee members balked at the expense.

“I can tell you with money tight in the county I don’t think they’re going to go for a facility,” said Arratta Znaniecki, R-Ottawa, who chaired the meeting.

Wind predicted the quick-kill solution inevitably will cause heartbreak when some treasured family pet is put down before it could be picked up.

“We know we’re putting you in a bad spot,” said Znaniecki.

“Yeah, a very bad spot,” said Wind. “My phone is going to be burning up.” (MyWebTimes)

Is there really no other solution then to shoot and kill stray animals on the spot?? 🙁

If people would take responsibilty for their pets, strays would not be a problem. Yes, we can rail at the system and politicians and very often they do deserve our ire, but the bottom line goes back to pet owners who don’t care and who aren’t responsible.

Pets are not a whim, they are not disposable. For every stray animal that someone has to pull the trigger on, figuratively or realistically, someone else lined them up in the sights!

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