Cash, home after 6 weeksThis is a story both amazing and tragic. 25 year old Jake Baysinger disappeared 6 weeks ago, depressed and suicidal. I’ve read a number of articles on this story and one thing none of them mention but that many of the comments, obviously from people personally associated with Jake, allude to, is that he and his wife were and had been separated for some time and he was quite distraught over this and possibly other things as well.

This past Sunday, Jake was found. A local rancher, Kip Konig saw Cash, Jake’s longtime canine friend and companion, in the distance as he checked his cattle in the Pawnee National Grasslands.

Cash, a three year old German shepherd, kept running back to a partially obscured pickup truck.

“I got the sense she was trying to tell me where her master was,” said Konig.

When Konig went to investigate, he found Jake Baysinger’s skeletal remains. He’d shot himself with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol that was found next to his body shortly after he disappeared on June 28th.

At the time of his disappearance and massive search was undertaken including by air but the area was so massive and dense that he was never seen.

Most amazing is that that Cash stayed with Jake’s body for the 6 weeks since his death. There was evidence that she learned to hunt and sustained herself on mice and rabbits she found. She had the cab of the truck to escape from the weather and for safety from predators in the wild area of Colorado. She was loyal to the end to the man who adopted her as a puppy.

“She was Jake’s baby,” said Sara Baysinger, Jake’s widow. “She was our baby before we had our son.”

Other than being thin and dehydrated, she was in pretty good shape. Rescuers and vets were amazed at her condition.

“She was a very intelligent dog to live for that long,” said Dr. Mindi Dosch, the vet who examined Cash.

On Monday, Baysinger picked the dog up from the Weld County Humane Society.

“She was extremely excited,” Sara Baysinger said laughing. “She scratched my chest. She was jumping on me and excited to get out of there. She got in the truck and was licking on me.”

One of the happiest reunions was between Cash and her little buddy, 2-year-old Lane Baysinger.

The second he saw Cash, Lane cried out. “He went running toward her, trying to get some bones, trying to feed her treats,” Sara Baysinger recalled.

Although it was a tragic end to her husband’s life, Sara Baysinger says she has the memories of Jake and Cash together.

“They would go to a park down from the house, and they would play fetch forever and ever and ever,” Baysinger recalled. “He would throw a ball, whatever they could find.”

On Monday night, Cash was a comfort to Sara and Lane. She slept at the foot of their bed.

It is sad that such a young man took his life and sad that in his depression he also could have cost the life of his companion. Perhaps he needed that comfort when he felt he had nothing else. I read many comments, quite a number of them very harsh toward a man who could not defend himself. I cannot defend him but I do know, although I would not do anything to endanger the lives of my babies, how much love and comfort they always give.

Thankfully, this incredibly loyal dog was found and rescued. Cash did her duty and protected and served the master she loved and who loved her beyond the end. So, as I said, both an amazing and tragic story.

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