Michou In what many people are calling a miracle, a little 12-year-old poodle named Michou, survived 19 days locked in a van at Burlington airport without food or water in often sub-zero temperatures.

On January 6, someone passing by the parked van noticed a stench coming from the parked van and called authorities and Animal Control Officer Jodi Harvey went to the scene and forced open the door.

The little poodle, Michou, was laying on a pile of blankets, so weak he could hardly even lift his head.

“It was unbearable,” she says, recalling an interior soiled with excrement. “I wear a turtleneck, and I had to pull it up over my nose.”

Harvey knew she had to get him to a vet and quick. Michou weighed almost 25 lbs. before his harrowing ordeal and when he was found he barely weighed 9 lbs.

Even now, almost a week later, he is still listed as critical but his survival at all is being called a miracle. He’s under vet care being treated with intravenous fluids and small amounts of food. He’s getting his spunk back and is expected to make a full recovery but it will take time, perhaps months before he he can be adopted.

As how did this little miracle dog wound up in a situation like this? As hard as it is to believe, authorities believe it was an accident. Somehow his owner, Pascal Bellon, 50, of Frelighsburg, Quebec, either didn’t realized or forgot Michou was in the van when he left for an extended trip from the airport on December 18. I am not sure how someone doesn’t know or forgets they have their dog in their vehicle but that’s the story. He didn’t know the dog was in the van and his wife back home thought Michou had run off.

“They have multiple pets, and this one became unaccounted for at some point, and they believed he had run off,” police spokeswoman Lt. Jennifer Morrison says. “There’s no indication this was anything but an accidental near-tragedy.”

“Everything we’ve got points to it being unintentional,” said Morrison. “We don’t know how or when the dog got into the car, but we do believe that the owner was not aware that this dog was in the vehicle at the time he grabbed his bags and went.”

Bellon isn’t being charged but he was issued a ticket, a $100 fine. He surrendered Michou and has agreed to pay all the vets bills.

I guess we should be happy that Michou was found in time and will survive and that he is no longer in the hands of someone who could take so little notice of him or forget him so easily, or whatever the story is. For Michou, this story really will have a happy ending as he will recovery and once recovered will most likely be adopted into a loving forever home.

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