When Jessie Brothers’ beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Nubbins, broke his leg, Brothers’ though he might have to give Nubbin’s up.  At 65, Brothers lives alone has health problems and survives on Social Security and disability, worrying how long he’ll still have his home.

When 4-year-old Nubbin broke his leg in three place chasing after a groundhog and getting caught in a fence, Brothers found out the surgery would cost hundreds of dollars, money he didn’t have.  The other alternative, put Nubbin down.  At this point, Brothers collapsed with grief at the thought of losing his beloved furry friend.

Sadly, many of us can understand what Mr. Brothers must have been feeling but luckily for him, things pick up from here.  Firefighters arrived on scene to help Mr. Brothers who was on the floor, unable to move and moaning “my dog … my dog” and one of those was  paramedic Anthony Johnson, a confirmed dog lover.

It didn’t take long for Johnson to understand the situation and he reached out to help, contacting a vet he knew and offering to play for the surgery.

“Mr. Brothers has several problems going on, but the most important thing to him was his dog,” Johnson said. “I just couldn’t walk away from him. I was involved in the situation, and I wanted to help in any way I could.”

The delicate 2-hour surgery took place at Locust Trace and it turns out that Johnson will not be paying for the surgery alone.  One of the Locust Trace employees told her father, Mike Tracy, a retired major with the Lexington fire department, and he offered to help also. Eventually a fund was set up accepting donations for the surgery and care.

**I’ve had requests to add the donation info – To make a contribution, write a check to FOF Public Education and mail it to the attention of Ed Davis: Third Street Fire Station, 219 East Third Street, Lexington, Ky. 40508. Specify that it is a donation for Jessie Brothers.

Although the next couple of weeks will be crucial in deciding whether the operation was a success, Mr. Brothers was joyfully reunited with his beloved Nubbin.

And if you think this is wonderful, the story gets even better!

Due to the news coverage, Jessie Kennard, 34, saw the story and recognize the picture of Brothers immediately.  Raised by adoptive parents, Kennard had been searching for his biological father for year without success.

“I just said, ‘That’s him,'” Kennard said.

After Brothers and his previous wife split up in the early 80s, the state took custody of the three Brothers’ children and they were eventually adopted.  Brothers hadn’t seen Kennard since he was 5 and although he had searched for him and the other children, he could never track them down.

The amazing reunion took place on Thursday, 12/6, and Carla Kennard, Jessie Kennard’s wife,  called it “a Christmas miracle.”

So not only was Jessie Brothers blessed by the some Good Samaritans in the guise of Firefighters taking care of his beloved Nubbins, he’s now blessed to have his long lost son back in his life.  Yes, I think ‘Christmas miracle” sums this one up just right… I know I have tears in my eyes…



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