Dog shown being violently abusedAgain and again the video shows the man come out of the house and drag the dog out of a barrel that is obviously his ‘house’, he’s chained to a tree and the man beats him, kicks him, throws him around, holds him up by collar and chain. The dog whines, cries and huddles, attempts to retreat to the what he believes to be the safety of his barrel only to be dragged back out and beaten again and again.

It hurt to watch this, the dog so pitiful and defenseless, his tag still wagging every time the man approached only to be dealt with more abuse.

William Steward Jr. Arrested and claims innocenceArrested was William Steward Jr. of High Point, NC, who claims this is a case of mistaken identity. “That is not me, this is not me,” said Steward. “I have a dog myself, I love dogs, I would never abuse dogs.”

For months neighbors had been complaining about the abuse and calling the police but there wasn’t enough evidence to do anything but Steward has been suspect for some time, by neighbors and police. A previous video didn’t give police enough information to charge Steward at the time.

“We have received one (call) that we had worked with Humane Society … but there wasn’t enough there to warrant the charge,” said High Point police Lt. Mike Kirk. “But today, one came to light that was twice as long as one we had.”

Steward called the police to try to clear his name after a picture of his driver’s license was aired on local television in connection to the abuse. He says that his only connection to the case is that he used to live at the address four years ago. A neighbor, Dolores Myers said she’s seen the dogs abused and believes they should have been picked up a long time ago. She say the man she saw attacking the animals, the same man in this video, is not Williams Steward.

Some neighbors suspect the man currently living in the house at 303 Whittier Ave. He was not home Saturday for comment.

Despite Steward’s claims of innocence, the police believe they arrested and charged the correct person. If, as Steward claims, he is innocent, he will have his chance in court. He was released on $1,500 bond.

As for the abused dogs at the address, animal control removed four pitbulls Saturday night. “They are friendly dogs, very friendly so they were easy to get,” said animal control officer Nelson Moxley who took the dogs into custody.

If you can stomach it, you can watch the video HERE. As for Steward’s claim of innocence, time and the courts will tell. From the video, it’s not easy to see a person’s face but there’s no doubt it will all come out and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Whoever did this to that poor dog shown on the video needs to be dealt with in the harshest manner but from the charges leveled against Steward, three misdemeanors, it won’t happen!

Source – MyFox

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