Gustavo Solis After 28 years in effect, New Mexico has its first dogfighting conviction.  In 1981, a law prohibiting dogfighting was enacted but until now, there have been no convictions.  Gustavo Solis, 46, of Anthony is the first.

Solis has been breeding and fighting dogs since the mid-80s authorities believe and was classed as a “king pin” in the dogfighting world.

Solis entered no contest pleas to dogfighting, extreme cruelty to animals, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and two misdemeanor courts of animal cruelty. He faces up to 5 1/2 years in prison. Seems a pretty lenient sentence even if he gets the max but for now it’s one more abuser off the streets.

Authorities say he had dogfighting and cockfighting paraphernalia on his property and he was teaching his son as well.

Some of the dogs that were removed were adopted out but sadly others weren’t. Some were too injured and no doubt there were dogs that were too aggressive. Again and as usual, the innocent are the real victims here. The dogs that couldn’t be saved and even those that were saved that will bear their scars for life. And don’t forget the son of this monster who was being indoctrinated into this cruel world. His view of dogs, cruelty and the world will be forever changed by the “sport” he learned under his father’s tutelage. So many innocent victims….

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