weapon dog You all remember Snaps, the pitbull that the 15-year-old (now 16) Seatac girl kicked and beat and used as a weapon against several people?  Well, after two “independent behavior assessments” from “outside experts” that deemed him dangerous even though one of the assessments came from a group with no experience in behavioral assessments nor did the person even enter Snaps’ kennel, and pretty much every rescue and sanctuary, including Best Friends, turning him down, Snaps was destined to live out the rest of his short live in a cage until that final walk down the dark lonely halls of KCACC.

Until… a plea went out to Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, WA. I love this, their motto is “We save dogs you’d rather see dead.”  With a motto like that sounds like the perfect place for Snaps because there’s no doubt that many people wanted to see this poor abused dog dead rather than be given a second chance.

Take KCACC (King County Animal Care and Control) for example. From the day that Snaps was seized on July 21, he was kept in a small indoor kennel with instructions, it’s been reported, from Interim Manager Nancy McKenney to staff that “they were not to “make friends” with Snaps, telling compassionate staff members that they were not to visit Snaps, or give the dog anything more than the minimal level of care, such as food, water, and cage cleaning once a day.”

The only time he was able to leave the tiny concrete cell was at the end of a catchpole.  It wasn’t until hell was raised that he was even allowed a bed and some toys!

Snaps NowLuckily for Snaps, media attention brought the spotlight on him and animal advocates and dog lovers alike kept up the pressure to save him.  Although Best Friends declined to take him, they did contact Steve Markwell, Executive Director of Olympic Animal Sanctuary and asked him to see if he couldn’t step in and help out. After much legal wrangling and pressure, Markwell picked Snaps up on September 11 to take him to his new home.

Now although Snaps will never be adopted into a family environment, there’s no doubt he will get all the love and care that he has been missing his whole life and he will have a stable home with room to run and play. Snaps will enjoy human companionship, plenty of exercise, a healthy, homemade diet, and if he can handle it, socialization with other dogs per the FAQ on OAS.

Be sure to take a minute to go to the Olympic Animal Sanctuary website and see some more wonderful picture of Snaps in his new home, see how happy he is. Yeah, he’s a vicious one alright!

Snaps Markwell“Snaps is a sweet dog who has been terribly abused and it will take time for him to learn to trust human beings, but if we were to conduct a temperament assessment with no knowledge of the dog’s history, based only on his behavior in our environment, we would determine Snaps to be an adoptable dog. However, in light of his history, we do expect there to be a few behavior issues that become apparent as he becomes comfortable with his new surroundings; how severe these issues will be remains to be seen, but they will likely be fairly minor,” Markwell said.

If you want to read an interesting expose’ about KCACC and Snaps, check out KCACC Exposed.  Looks like KCACC tried to take credit for Snaps’ rescue from death and transfer to a sanctuary where he’ll have a wonderful and secure life.  It’s quite eye opening!

And as for Nisha Hayes, the now 16-year-old girl who abused Snaps, she pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree assault, third-degree assault and minor in possession of liquor. No charges of animal cruelty as you see. This blooming sociopath has yet to be sentenced but Hayes faces up to 36 weeks in juvenile detention, however, prosecutors plan to ask for an exceptional sentence of up to 52 weeks. She is scheduled to be sentenced on October 8.

So justice may or may not be done in this case but for this innocent victim at least, there is a happy ending thanks to an animal loving public that didn’t forget and an animal sanctuary that “saves dogs you’d rather see dead.”

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