ZeusZeus’ story could have ended so much differently than it did if not for the determination, devotion, love and caring of one person.  

Zeus is a a pittie (an AmStaf mix), strike one!  His owner, Gene Lewis, 40, was brutally murdered in Manhattan and Zeus was found locked in a bathroom where the killers put him.  Police took Zeus to a shelter, he had to collar, tags or chip, another strike.  At the shelter Zeus was housed in a kennel, surrounded by 23 other dogs in their own runs and he was not doing well at all.  AmStaffs are very social, loyal, people-oriented dogs and he’d been brutally ripped from his life and home by the cruel murder of his beloved owner.  He was lost and upset and showed this by constant barking, yet another strike. But he wasn’t out yet…

Although the shelter workers did their best, he was walked and played with, he had a blanket and toy, Zeus was just inconsolable.

“He was in an isolated distress room,” Andrea said. “His pupils were dilated and he was barking like crazy.”

The “save”? Along comes Andrea, someone who knew Zeus’ owner as a nice guy who loved people and was an aspiring bodybuilder.  She’d met him at a gym several years previous and when she heard about his murder she was stunned.

“I helped him with tax work,” said the friend, Andrea. “He just was so good to other people. I just loved the guy. I really miss the guy.”

Knowing how much Geno, the nickname she knew him by, loved Zeus, she worried and wondered what would happen to the dog.  After some calls and a bit of a run around the news was initially not good.  She found out how bad of shape he was in and that only a member of the family would be able to adopt him.

Determined not to let Geno or Zeus down, Andrea tracked down Geno’s father who has traveled from Florida to see to the sad details of his son’s death.  They met at the shelter and Zeus’ life took another turn, this time for the better.

Zeus’ settled into his new home with Andrea and things are going well.  “I felt like Geno was talking to myself and his pup,” she said. “Everything is going to be O.K. now.”

And another positive note to this heartbreaking story, three people have been arrested for the murder of Gene Lewis so may he find justice just as his beloved Zeus’ found a second chance.

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