Late Saturday afternoon in Dickson County, TN, a six-year-old little boy went missing and as any missing child story is beyond tragic and scary, what make this one a bit more heart-wrenching is that this little boy, Caleb Walker, is autistic and went missing wearing only a pair of shorts, no shoes or shirt.  He’d been outside playing with his trusty dog, Milo, by his side when he wandered away and luckily for him when he went missing Milo went with him.

Needless to say, search teams went all out looking for little Caleb, searching on foot, with K-9 teams and from the air.  Six hours later one of the K-9 teams found Milo who led them to Caleb.

Caleb was safely returned to his worried family, little worse for wear and little Milo is being hailed as a hero for staying by the boy’s side and leading his rescuers to him.  Good dog Milo!!

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