Wisconsin is one of the states that basically has no regulations when it comes to commercial dog breeders and organizations have been fighting for years to keep it that way.  This year a puppy mill bill is working it way through.  The bill, AB-250, provides for licensure for anyone or any kennel that sells 25 or more dogs a year, for an auction that offers or sells 50 or more dogs a year, any animal shelter which shelters 25 or more dogs a year and any person who operates any animal control facility.  It also allows for initial inspection prior to licensing as well as inspections at least every other year.

Well, the good news is that as of today, 10/27/09, it passed through the Assembly unanimously!! A 96-0 vote!  Now it faces the Senate and we can hope that it passes through there with flying colors as well.

For more than a decade animal advocates have tried to get some legislation passed without luck.  Too much money lining too many pockets but as people are becoming more and more aware they’re also contacting their respresentatives and demanding changes.  We can’t wipe out puppy mills… yet, but at least we can make them more humane with some decent regulations in place.

Take Action!

Wisconsinites, please contact your reps and let them know that you support this bill and they should too!  You can go to The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project page HERE for how to contact your reps and some excellent talking points to cover.  Do not sit back and think someone else is going to do it, take action and do it now!!

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