Joshua Aders, 26, is one ‘bad guy’ who picked the wrong yard to run through in his attempt to evade police after crashing a stolen car in a Midvale, UT, neighborhood on Tuesday.

Unified Police eventually arrested a pair of car thieves after a chase ended in a Midvale neighborhood. One suspect, 24-year-old Nathan Osness, was quickly apprehended but the other suspect took off in another direction attempting to get away from police. Unfortunately for him, the yard he decided to cut through belonged to Brandee DiStefano and her two pitbulls, Lily and Chomper.

“Fortunately, those dogs barking certainly alerted us to that area where that second suspect was at and we were able to get over and get him caught,” said Lt. Justin Hoyal, Unified Police Department.

“It serves him right. I bet he felt stupid going in my backyard,” DiStefano said.

The two low lifes were booked into Salt Lake County Metro Jail and I’m sure the canine heroes were given a suitable reward for a job well done, they protected their home.

Thanks Lily and Chomper, always nice to be able to share a good pitbull story!

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