I don’t have any words to describe the devastation in Japan after the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit the country on March 11.   It is the country’s worse disaster since WWII.

Towns are demolished.  In many areas there is no movement whatsoever by man or animal.  Tens of thousands people have gone with little or no food and water, and no heat.  Thousands are dead.

Radiation leakage from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant prompted mass evacuations and radiation screening of citizens.  And that energy shortage has resulted in power cuts to refugee shelters and hospitals.

In addition to the power cuts, hospitals are short on medical supplies and personnel needed to attend to the seriously injured and ill patients.

It’s estimated that ten thousand children have been displaced.   The estimate on displaced pets has not been tallied, but it will be close to tens of thousands.

Look at the above picture.  It speaks volumes.  It speaks the pain and emotional toll this disaster is taking on the residents of Japan.  Two legged and four.

One hundred and two countries and 14 international organizations had offered assistance to Japan after the quake/tsunami.  Consider making a donation to these organizations.  Some are:

The American Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

Save The Children

The Animal Refuge Kansai

World Vets

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Search Dog Foundation

There are also many city and state search and rescue organizations that have rushed to Japan’s aid such as The L.A. County Fire Department’s California Task Force 2, and the Fairfax County, Va., Urban Search and Rescue Team.   Others are ready to go.

The following video came my way today.  It was taken by a Japanese TV news crew surveying the aftermath.  You can see the bewilderment and fear in the eyes of this dog.  But that doesn’t stop him from protecting and comforting his friend.  It leaves you speechless.

There are moments when you have to just walk away and cry – Lou Angeli

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