Puppy Mill dogsDogs; scared, sick, neglected, abused, dragged to the block and auctioned off to the highest seller, from one puppy mill to another to continue to live out their lives in dirty, cramped cages.  The dogs are often filthy, covered in urine and feces, fur matted to the point where movement is almost impossible.

In Holmes County, OH, the Buckeye Dog Auction has been turning over hundreds  and hundreds of dogs a year since 2004, passed from one set of cruel hands to the next, their only purpose in life to produce, produce puppies to be sold to fill the pockets of greedy people who care little for the welfare of their “stock,”  only how much money they can make. And Buckeye is only one such auction house peddling the flesh of the innocent, the neglected, the used and abused.

For years animal activists have been trying to raise awareness of the horrors of dog auctions as part of an effort to crack down on puppy mills.

Mary Shaver O’Conner of BanOhioDogAuctions.com is one of those spearheading the fight.  Several groups are working on a plan to go directly to voters and ask them to ban the auctions. They hope to submit a plan for a ballot initiative to the state for review within the next two weeks. Money has been raised, $25K, to to begin work on the initiative, which would require hundreds of thousands of voter signatures just to get on the ballot.

To no ones surprise, breeder associations and breeders oppose the proposed ballot initiative. They don’t want anyone taking money out of their pockets regardless of the cruelty it comes from.

They say that putting this issue in front of an uninformed public is not the right way to decide issues. Others counter that the auctions are inspected by the USDA and people have a right to sell their property in this manner.

Well, we all know about USDA inspections. How many puppy mills pass inspections every year only to be busted and cited with dozens and hundreds of problems. As for an “uninformed public,” you think maybe they just don’t want people seeing the truth and scrutinizing what really goes on?  People are becoming more and more informed and aware of the atrocities every day and they don’t like what they are seeing and learning.

Ohio has tried to pass legislation for a statewide licensing and inspection system but it keeps getting tossed. When you have big breeder associations and the NRA fighting against you, organizations with big money and a lot of backing and power, it’s a tough fight to win and the losers sit in their dirty cramped cages, minimal food and water, little to no human contact, producing litter after littler of puppies until they are no longer productive, then they are disposed of. For many of these victims, death is probably a welcome release.

Now animal activists are planning to bring the battle to the people and let them decide. Maybe if people can see what a dog auction really is, what these dogs are forced to go through, the conditions, maybe they will take up the initiative and stand up and say “No, no more dog auctions!” Educate people, show them, let them see….

Now it’s up to us, the informed and knowledgeable, to help. Spread the word!!

And as Mary said, “As long as you have a buyer, there is always a need for a seller.”

Educate, inform and spread the awareness!!

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