TobeyThe other day I told you the horrific story of the little dog, Tobey, that was stolen from Stephanie Tavere’s yard and brutally tortured and killed by three teenage boys in Guadalupe County, TX

Little Tobey was actually owned by a teenage girl and how do you tell a child that her beloved puppy is missing, let alone what happened to it?

The crime has galvanized the community as well as the country and the world.

A friend and fellow Care2 member, Anita Solomon, started a petition right away in efforts to have the boys prosecuted to the fullest under the new animal cruelty laws.

The petition has only been up since 8/31 and it already has OVER 2,000 signatures from around the WORLD! Thank you all for your support!

You can read and sign the petition – HERE

Anita also kindly contacted her good friend, Maria Daines, (who wrote the song for Mercy), to write a song for Tobey, and she did! I’m sure you’ve heard Maria’s song for Mercy too.



I heard about you
And my eyes filled with tears
I’m still shocked by life
After all these years
I’m still in denial
I’m still broken up
How can children murder
An innocent pup?
And where lies the answer?
And where lies the blame?
And how can you measure
A puppy’s pain?
And where are the leaders?
And those who can teach?
And why is compassion
Just out of reach?
Tobey was precious
Tobey was loved
Now angels cradle
His soul up above
And we who remain
We must fight every day
To save the voiceless
And keep them safe
Cos Tobey was precious
Tobey was loved
Now angels cradle
His soul up above


© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP
1st September 2007


You can listen to and download the song HERE

Anita, thank you so very much for all your hard work to bring justice to those who cannot speak for themselves and thank you, Maria, for the beautiful and touching song.

Please take the time to read the story and sign the petition, don’t let Tobey be just another victim!

Three Teens Torture Dog to Death


PETITION – Appeal to prosecute under NEW TX. Animal Cruelty Laws-teens despicable act of torturing pup to death

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