Painted PuppyWhat kind of a sick person would spray-paint a puppy? How can anyone think this is fun or amusing? Do they not have they slightest clue of the toxins and poisons that could be in paint?

This story comes to us from WOAI in Texas.

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Dog Found Spray Painted

WOAI NBC 4 San Antonio – (WOAI)

Jun. 27, 2007. 12:21 AM EST


A dog was found spray painted multiple colors and abandoned on the street Tuesday afternoon.

Animal Care Services says it is a serious case of animal cruelty. He was spray painted on more than three quarters of his body.

“It’s not often that you see a green, blue, orange brown painted dog running through the neighborhood,” Lisa Norwood with Animal Care Services told News 4 WOAI’s Kristina De Leon.

The stray Jack Russell terrier puppy was found with no collar or tags.

An animal care service officer found him on Lander’s Farm Street. That’s off Callaghan and West Commerce area near Southwest Research. That officer brought the terrier in for a good cleaning and check up, and to see what kind of damage the paint may have done.

“We don’t know how long he’s had this paint on him,” said Norwood, “it’s hardened on his body, it may have soaked through to his skin. We don’t know what kind of actual spray paint it was. whether it was oil based, latex based. So there’s any number of things that could be wrong.”

The puppy will stay at Animal Care Service for the next three days to find the owners. After that, he’ll be put up for adoption.

If they ever find out who did this, which we know will never happen, they need to be spray-painted head to toe and stuck in a public square holding a sign with a picture of this poor puppy saying what they did. Sounds like justice to me!

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