Cola sits on doggie death rowJamie S. McGregor moved out of his house at 3405 N. Michigan, Saginaw, MI in April of 2007 but when he left, he left his dog there and that was where the dog stayed for a year, abandoned to solitary confinement, seldom fed until he was rescued last week.

Cola, the pit bull, was severely emaciated when Saginaw County Animal Care finally heeded neighbors’ pleas and rescued the him. McGregor ignored calls from police officials to go to the house but now it seems he wants Cola back.

Finally being fed regularly after being forced to often eat furniture to avoid starvation, Cola now sits in a cage, number 65, at the Animal Care Center, on ‘Doggie Death Row.’ Now his wait may be even longer.

McGregor has been charged with animal cruelty and there is a warrant out for his arrest.Cola, abandoned for a year in a house

The Saginaw Animal Care Center doesn’t adopt pit bulls to the public but the do try to find rescue groups to take them. As for Cola’s fate, it’s now up to a court to decide while his owner fights to get him back.

I guess it wasn’t enough for McGregor to leave the poor dog confined to an abandoned house for a year, starved and lonely, now due to his machinations Cola will be forced to sit in a cage while he awaits his fate.

I find it incomprehensible that the courts could even consider giving Cola back to Jamie S. McGregor, the man to so cruelly abandoned him for a year!! I hope this debacle is over quickly so that this poor dog at least has a chance!

Abandoned for a Year, Owner Wants Dog Back

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